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The stars deserve better than this revenge-comedy mess


The Other Woman

Starring Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Directed by Nick Cassavettes

PG-13, 109 min.

If The Other Woman didn’t have such a recognizable cast, it might be just plain forgettable. Instead, high-profile stars and a major chick-flick marketing push almost guarantee it will make an even bigger, messier splash as it goes down.

Leslie Mann (This Is 40, The 40-Year Old Virgin) plays Kate, a whiny, neurotic housewife who discovers her cad husband, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from TV’s Game of Thrones), is having anTHE OTHER WOMAN affair with a sexy Manhattan lawyer, Carly (Cameron Diaz).

So what does Kate do? Why, she befriends her husband’s mistress, naturally!

Then Kate and Carly find out Mark is cheating on them both (gasp!) with another woman, portrayed by former Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, whose role here (if not…

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A Chick Flick for the New Millenium!



Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and (surprisingly charming!) Kate Upton blow up the screen and split sides all over the country with this witty comedy for a new era in female relationships!

The Other Woman is a well told story with great cast and brilliant physical comedy unusual for a female cast, but the movie is much more than another chick comedy. Recent forays into the physical comedic genre by female casts, such as Pitch Perfect and Brides Maids, have been hugely successful by appealing to both women and men and giving actresses the chance to exercise their Three Stooges comedic muscles.

The Other Woman stands apart because the main conflict, though far from being a new idea, is approached in a new way that highlights the women working together rather than turning on one another. Normally in these movies the “mistress” is an evil seducing temptress pursuing the husband. Even…

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The Other Woman (2014)

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After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he’s been betraying. And when yet another love affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot revenge on the three-timing S.O.B.

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Comment On Cannes Pleasure By Marina Di Guardo by Weddideas

Fan Kous

Soon after attending the very first Louis Vuitton Cruise Style show in Monaco and stopping in Sardinia to shoot an editorial, I was back to the Côte Azur for the Cannes Film Festival. My first appear was a customized gown from the new Italian talents Rossorame that I wore to attend Magnum … if you want to view full content please visit this

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New Beginnings

Glam Mom's Wonderland


As 2013 came to an end, I realized I had a very positive outlook for 2014. And as I spent the first day of the new year lounging around watching movies in my pj’s, I realized that I have an even more positive outlook now that it’s finally here! I feel so at peace with things finally! (Hence the picture of the wonderful looking beach we all would love to run away to).

So why do we get so excited about the numbers changing on the calendar? As some would say, it’s just another day.

There are so many exciting things about a new year. It’s an opportunity to start fresh, to reinvent yourself, to better yourself, accomplish goals. It gives every person something to look forward to as a new start in any aspect of their lives. It fills us with an invigorating sense of peace, excitement, and strength.

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