Paul Smith Junior Autumn Winter 2013/14


Farm Fresh

Macaroon Original

We just booked a trip with another family to Los Poblanos, an organic farm in New Mexico. It sounds too good to be true: roaming peacocks, swaying lavender and minimal chic farm houses. There’s balsamic tasting and a balloon festival to boot. And even if the reality doesn’t match the fantasy, I can still live the dream in a Little Doe silk floral halo. Teamed with a maxi dress and Frye boots, it’s the perfect look for attending a “Field Sketching Academy.” Nope, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I’ll report back in late October.
little doe lyst

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glamour shots

j. rose

IMG_6096 kids.

kids are cool.

but, they are growing up way too quickly.

I have worked with children for seriously as long as I can remember and wouldn’t change it for the world. But it has opened my eyes up to some not so great things going on in our culture these days. It genuinely breaks my heart to hear what children are exposed to at such young ages these days and how ‘mature’ they are getting so early on in life. You can call me naive but, I cannot remember hearing about sex, drugs, drinking until high school so when my younger brother (now in high school) told me 3 years ago of kids he knew not only exposed but participating in such activities my world was shaken. My heart aches for girls who in sixth grade have told me they need to diet, or want to look more like…

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