10 ways to keep your hair healthy

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Everyone wants to have long healthy hair! I believe that regardless of the length, your hair should be healthy! Unhealthy hair always gets negative attention and it is almost always impossible to style! After spending long and painful hours styling dry and damaged hair, the result looks just as bad as before, if not even worse because your hair is fried.

Read on to find out what to do, or what NOT to do, in order to have beautiful healthy hair!

images               6081537-closeup-of-chestnut-natural-hair-split-ends-isolated-on-white-with-selective-focus    hair-conditioner-broom-600-55297


Healthy hair should feel smooth and you should be able to rub your fingers through it from roots to ends, without having your fingers getting stuck.  If the ends of your hair look like a broom, and your hair tangles easily, it is damaged! Avoid the dreaded “broom effect” by protecting your hair and caring for it accordingly.

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