Niyama by Per Aquum – Deluxe Water Studio

yisheng & qiuhui

Yoohoo!! Here’s the preview of how our Honeymoon resort stay is gonna look like! Thanks to my beloved friend, Nelson, we managed to get it at a steal! Friends who are looking into going to Maldives for holiday, do check out Lokopoko!  🙂 we went to the NATAS fair recently and after much searching, we realised they are the only company that offers the widest variety and choices of resort stay! On a side note, DON’T ever go on Club Med. they are super overpriced!

Back on track! Here are the photos taken off the Niyama by Per Aquum site!

Love how the water studio comes with pool and a jacuzzi!




Tell me how not to be excited about my honeymoon!!!!

The whole package includes daily breakfast and dinner for 2, combined seaplane transfer and choice of any 3 of the following, 1 hr spa massage for 2, 2…

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