Industry Debates What Size Models Should Be

A.K.A. Models

Plus size fashion Plus Model Caralyn Mirand


My name is Carol-Anne Blackwell! I’m also one of the new bloggers at CMR that will be sharing there on FRIDAYS!  My role here is not as a model, but rather to share 25+ years insight into the industry. It served many roles in my life that I faced from a Plus Sized girl who “unexpectedly” worked in the Plus Model market in the 80’s & 90’s as I grew into a Plus Sized Woman that opened my own full service agency to help other models. From there to here, I learned that if you have a unique purpose in your life…you just need to follow your instincts and fight the fears or “what if’s”.  

I had some fast successes I wasn’t ready for, some disappointing (kick-ass) obstacles & loss, and it included some random “failures”!  My passions kept me moving forward to just sharing…

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