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Model Photo Cestaro for StyleBeaconRecent Editorial Shoots for the Blog Over the last year or so, I have had the wonderful opportunity of working again with Michelle Zuzek, the sharp fashion stylist mind behind her style blog We had worked together way way back at Austin Monthly Magazine and ran into each other again during the 2012 Fashion Week where we discussed fashion photography and blogging. Since then, we’ve worked together as she styles/models, and I photograph (below) and videovideovideo her finds of whats in right now.  Generally, these available light location shoots blend open shade and building glass reflected light (and/or portable flash) with slight exposure mods and vignetting. See everything at

Fashion Photo Cestaro for StyleBeacon (3)<1 I Don’t Like Mondays blouse, Forever 21 pleated leather skirt, Christian Louboutin pumps, Michael Kors handbag, Banana Republic leather tassel, Michael Kors watch, gold bangle, and Forever 21 sunglasses.

2> Bebe white fur trim

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