If you have cancer, can you still have a child?

The Woman Doctor's Guide

DSC_0128The good news is that cancer treatments work.  In fact, they work so well that the majority of people with cancer will survive and experience a cure for their disease.  This is especially true for young cancer patients.  All this great news comes with a price, though.  Many young people who are treated for cancer experience infertility in the future.  And not enough young cancer patients are aware of their options.

One big national study asked young cancer patients how much importance was placed on the ability to have children.  90% rated this as very important.  But only 25% of cancer doctors had discussed these issues with them.  This is sad, because radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery can all harm your fertility while they also save your life.  And with a little planning, steps can be taken to preserve your ability to have children after cancer has been successfully treated.


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