Life is Roots and Wings

Live Life in Crescendo

“So, see you next week.”

Calmly, I replied, “Ya, see you soon.”

As soon as I hung up, I threw my fist in the air – Yippee!

When my last son prepared to leave home several months ago, I keep my emotions at bay. I would never want to dampen his sparkling excited eyes. Hired for a longed for job, each of his lithe steps conveyed his eagerness to be on his way.

As he enters his new stage, I enter mine. It is often called what to me is a ridiculous metaphor- empty nester.

I am not a bird.

Nor am I empty.

I am filled with memories.

I sent him off with a smile and a slightly tight hug. None of my sons knew that as I smiled and encouraged and waved, their life passed before my eyes:

Their first cry

That first laugh

Their first step


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