Wedding Memories

Waiting on a Word

Today, the Daily Post published a post titled, “One Topic, Three Takes: Weddings.” The post offered suggestions for bloggers to find new ways to post on old topics. Ben, of the Daily Post, used weddings as an example. Despite the frequency of wedding posts, Ben illustrated how the topic could be refreshed by highlighting authors who offered new style, perspectives, images, etc. Ben’s article was helpful and informative (as are all of the Daily Post’s posts). Although it wasn’t a writing prompt, it got me thinking about weddings.

I’m going to spare you my touchy-feely stuff about my wedding day and my husband, Joe, (you’re welcome) and instead focus on the event.

In New Jersey we don’t just get married. We do Weddings. Serious, over-the-top, crazy-expensive weddings. Back in 2001, we invited 135 people to our wedding (I’d say that’s probably average in these parts), had a cocktail hour, open bar, and a sit-down dinner, paid $70 per head…

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