Galle to play for: Beaches, beauty and the best bananas on a tour of sleepy Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - The Wonder of Asia | Travel | Hotels | Holidays

‘English?’ asks the wizened old man selling bananas on a street corner in Galle.

Well, it’s a safe bet. My lobster-pink face has Home Counties written all over it. Ditto my baggy shorts.

Sri Lanka is one of England’s regular opponents on the cricket field and, every few years, the Barmy Army descends on this beautiful colonial port at the southern tip of the island.

Sri LankaDream sequence: Sri Lanka boasts some wonderful beaches, including around Galle in the south of the island

Other foreign visitors have been more wary, put off Sri Lanka by the long civil war, which concluded in 2009. And the 2004 tsunami, which devastated Galle, was shocking.

But better times are around the corner.

British Airways has resumed flights to Sri Lanka after fifteen years, which is a golden opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful islands in the world, a lush landscape topped…

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