Late to the Fashion Party wearing a Dress Grandma Made Me

Journeys of the Fabulist

It’s late. I’m upset because even after all this internet the only way I can reliably filter rooms according to basic, minimum requirements – such as number of sleeping spaces – is painstakingly and by hand. What is up with that?

So in the spirit of spending five minutes harking back to moments less full of spoiled and petty frustrations, I’m posting this image as part of Kukolina’s outfit-and-favourite-toy photo challenge. It was taken yesterday, so life can’t be that bad, I suppose.

Other participants:

I’m probably a little late coming to the party, but this suits the dress, which has seen a few comings and goings – my grandmother sewed it for me when I was in my late teens. Two children and more than, uh… five… years later, the fit is a little different, but it still does the job. Goes well…

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