Owner of Hemlock Resort plans to turn small ski hill into major destination

Global News

The owner of Hemlock Resort near Agassiz is hoping plans to expand the small ski hill into an all-season playground will be approved.

Ralph Berezan bought the resort for $3 million in 2006 knowing he was in for a challenge. Previous owners were never able to keep afloat and the hill had gone into receivership twice.

Berezan’s new proposal to residents is to expand the hill to an all-season resort complete with homes on Harrison Lake, a marina, two golf courses, hotels and restaurants — all to be built over 50 years.

If the grand plan comes to fruition it would need more than a $1 billion in investment. Berezan is working with the province and the Sts’ailes Nation to make the deal.

“There is no formal agreement… but the opportunity for employment and employment training is what we’re looking for,” said Harvey Paul, Sts’ailes Nation Chief.

Berezan said the…

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