Skating at Somerset House

La valise de Louise

There’s nothing like starting off the festive season with a bit of Bambi on ice – yes, I’m referring to my iceskating attempts. On my last full day in London, I got the chance to go iceskating on a beautifully lit outdoor iceskating rink – surrounded by the neoclassical façade of the wonderful Somerset House, which has served as a backdrop to two James Bond films, “Tomorrow never dies” and “GoldenEye”, both starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, the super smooth intelligence officer with the famous code number of 007.

After meeting Brendan at Euston, the day started off quite early with a walk around Leicester Square – you remember how I mentioned that I definitely didn’t cave into the temptation of buying peanut M&Ms from M&Ms World?

Image I caved. Oh, how I caved. You can see that in my shame (and euphoria) I couldn’t even look straight at the…

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New Year New Natty Natty Hair Styles

Scorpion Instincts


Light History 

“The term ‘dreadlock’ was originally associated with the Rastafari community, people of various cultures have worn, and continue to wear locks, including the Hindu Shiva worshippers of India, European Celts, various African communities, and the Sufis of Pakistan. The first known examples of dreadlocks date back to North Africa. In ancient dynastic Egypt examples of Egyptians wearing locked hairstyles have appeared on artifacts as well as mummified remains from archaeological sites.Dreadlocks, as popularized worldwide by Bob Marley, has come to bring more fame to Jamaica than any other export. In Jamaica the term dreadlocks was first recorded in the 1950s as a derogatory term when the “Young Black Faith”, an early sect of the Rastafari, which began among the marginalized poor of Jamaica in the 1930s, ceased to copy the particular hair style of Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and began to wear locks instead. It was said that…

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Walmart early bird online special season sales has already started for the year 2013


Walmart early bird online special season sales has already started for the year 2013

Walmart is a renowned national retailer that has indulged it in selling almost everything staring from good, groceries, to apparels and home care essentials. The company prides itself for offers the lowest price possible compared with other retailers in the United States. The store has also incorporated special policies for people who are hungry to gain extra savings with the help of promotional offers and coupons, along with already discounted price sales.
With the start of the month of November, Walmart has posted its Black Friday Sales Ad, as part of its early bird online specials and the complete details of the Advertisement could be downloaded from the Walmart website. Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales states at 8 am on the day, local time and extended sales of the same would run across December 1st as well as at Walmart stores. The black Friday section category hosts a good number of electronic gadgets and other gifts that would go for sales at Black Friday day at all of the stores of Walmart.
Walmart for the year, which has never happened with the store before. Choose from apparels, home appliances, sports accessories, electronic gadgets, toys, auto and video games from Walmart at special discounts with the help of additional walmart coupons available at its website. If you would spend little time in browsing for walmart coupon codes 20% off for this month, this would translate into amazing discounts that you would never have thought.

My Top 10 Wishes for you for 2014

Lovely Healing

Wow, another year flew by. One more day and it will be 2014.

Every December, you usually make a balance of the year. What you did and didn’t do, your accomplishments and your perceived failures, the friends you gained and the friends you lost, the dreams that came true and the dreams that didn’t.

Then you move on to planning the New Year. You make new resolutions, you set (or reset old) goals, you give yourself a vision of what might be in store for you in the months to come.

Every December, I sit down and remember my year, I look at pictures and think about what I like and what I didn’t like so much, what I wanted and what I got and I stop there. I don’t judge if it was a good or a bad year. It simply was. What needed to happen, happened…

As for the year…

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