Cara + Vogue = Utter Love

Sincerely, E

I took my One Direction posters off my bedroom walls. Yes, believe it or not, it happened. I was extremely surprised with myself as One Direction are my 5 favourite people on the planet (oh and they’re not breaking up! They’re just taking a three-month break). But after purchasing my very first Vogue magazine with my own money, something was bound to change.

Flicking through issues of Dolly since January 2013, Cara Delevinge is in every issue. Not even kidding – she is in every single issue for a whole year. But I’m not complaining! She’s a gorgeous and very talented girl, and she was voted Model of The Year by Vogue magazine. What an achievement is that?! For those who don’t know, Cara is a 21-year-old British model (who also dated Harry Styles.. what an attractive couple they were..).

Being a model myself, I love flicking through fashion magazines…

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