My Top 10 Wishes for you for 2014

Lovely Healing

Wow, another year flew by. One more day and it will be 2014.

Every December, you usually make a balance of the year. What you did and didn’t do, your accomplishments and your perceived failures, the friends you gained and the friends you lost, the dreams that came true and the dreams that didn’t.

Then you move on to planning the New Year. You make new resolutions, you set (or reset old) goals, you give yourself a vision of what might be in store for you in the months to come.

Every December, I sit down and remember my year, I look at pictures and think about what I like and what I didn’t like so much, what I wanted and what I got and I stop there. I don’t judge if it was a good or a bad year. It simply was. What needed to happen, happened…

As for the year…

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