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As 2013 came to an end, I realized I had a very positive outlook for 2014. And as I spent the first day of the new year lounging around watching movies in my pj’s, I realized that I have an even more positive outlook now that it’s finally here! I feel so at peace with things finally! (Hence the picture of the wonderful looking beach we all would love to run away to).

So why do we get so excited about the numbers changing on the calendar? As some would say, it’s just another day.

There are so many exciting things about a new year. It’s an opportunity to start fresh, to reinvent yourself, to better yourself, accomplish goals. It gives every person something to look forward to as a new start in any aspect of their lives. It fills us with an invigorating sense of peace, excitement, and strength.

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All downhill from here

Well I did not say I was going to do a bird each day. I checked the text and I said I am toying with the idea. Be that as it may I have struggled on and here we are at day 2. I have two birds to choose from. My choice is Bluethroat. You will no doubt notice a resemblance to the Rubythroat and well you might as they are the same genus.

I hesitated though because beautiful though this bird is it is no longer in the most pristine plumage. Of course the same could be said about me so who am I to criticise? The light was passable but I did end up playing with the processing in one or two shots to try and get more contrast. See what you think. Day three will be tricky as I have to do chores and there will…

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25 Best Dressed Celebrities Of 2013: Kristen Stewart & More

Hollywood Life

Our favorite leading ladies put their most fashionable foot forward this year on the red carpet! Check out the 25 most memorable looks of 2013 and VOTE for who YOU think deserves the best dressed title.

From sexy singers to the stunning stars that light up both the big and small screens, 2013 proved to be a very interesting year on the red carpet — and the leading ladies of young hollywood seemed to top our list! Jennifer Lawrence was the darling of awards season while Miley Cyrus debuted a brand new look and Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift took risks in sexy new styles — and there was a whole lot more where that came from!

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